You Shouldn't Build a New Home...


I met one of our new neighbors the other day, super sweet, and just moved here from Colorado. This was their first new build and they were SO excited to start their new life here. They had their final walkthrough, moved in, and then started realizing everything that was wrong with the house. It's not their fault, they don't know what they don't know. Of course they relied on builder to find all the errors because they are working for you right? Well kinda...

As the seller, it's the builder's job to be fair, complete your home and make sure it's up to code. They hire a ton of sub-contractors that should be doing the job right as you would assume. We're all human though, there is bound to be an error or two. If you had looked at her home, you would think it looked great! However, they didn't know what to look for. They were high on emotions that "OMG our house is done!" They didn't have a #NewBuildNinja in their court.

Instead of being SO excited to move in, they are having to deal with submitting several warranty requests and having things fixed that you really don't have time for when you're moving to a whole new state. If I had been working with them as their buyer's agent, I could have caught the issues throughout the process and at the blue tape walkthrough. I do not have OCD, but when I'm at a blue tape walkthrough, I turn on my OCD and generally catch just about everything before you sign and move in.

So...You Shouldn't Build a New Home...Without Me, Your New Build Ninja! 

My goal is to save headaches, marriages, and sanity while you are in the process of building a home and moving. Yes I said save marriages. Can you imagine two people walking into a design center with totally different ideas in mind and the arguments that can come from that? You're talking design elements that will be part of your home for a LONG time, not to mention the money. I LOVE helping clients with determining the best upgrades for their money and how they can save on their upgrades by doing some things themselves after they move in.

Here are just a few other things I can help with during your new build:

1) Helping you choose a neighborhood based on your wants, needs, and school choices

2) Scoping out the best deals and incentives

3) Help choose the best lot that will not be detrimental to your home value 

4) Review the contract and make sure you're represented

5) Check on your home at least every 2 weeks

6) Check for any floor plan errors before the concrete slab is poured

7) Attend the Design Center appointment to help with design choices and money saving tips.

8) Attend the frame orientation and blue tape walkthrough. (The blue tape walkthrough is where you tag any defects or blemishes with blue tape a week before closing to have those items fixed)

9) Review final settlement statement to ensure no pricing and fee errors

10) Attend the final walkthrough and closing! I'll ask questions you probably didn't think to ask!

Be sure to present me with our $500 off Closing Costs Coupon. Not only will you NOT have to pay me to help with your new build, but we're hooking you up with an extra $500! 



If you're thinking about a new build in the future, fill out my New Build Matchmaker form and I will keep my eyes peeled for the perfect neighborhood for you!

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Posted on January 17, 2018 .