The Importance of a Pre-Drywall Walkthrough!

I can't believe we are already at this stage! Our new home is ahead of schedule and it's really starting to feel real!

We had our pre-drywall walkthrough recently which went pretty well. We chose to have Alati's Home Inspection come out before we met with our Project Manager to get their opinion on the build quality and any potential issues. Luckily most of the things our private inspector found were on the builders list of things to fix before drywall and stucco went on...except for one thing...

This model is famous for it's long gallery hallway or the "runway" as some call it. Because we did the option with the Guest Suite up front instead of the standard living room, it looked as though they forgot one of the columns and arches. Without it, it totally threw off the flow of that hallway. Chris didn't even notice the missing column it until I brought it up!

We pulled out the plans and brought it up to Randy, our Project Manager, that there should be a column there to match the rest of the hallway. He was really cool about it and the next day, we had a fixed column! This was SO much easier to fix before the drywall went in. Can you imagine having to rip all that out after the fact?

Sometimes people get so excited in the process that they forget to look for the small (or large) details. That is what I am there for, to be your extra pair of eyes and your advocate!  All is well and we now have Stucco and textured walls. It's really exciting to see everything happen before our eyes! 

If you have any questions about building a new home, resales or selling your home, feel free to reach out to me!, you can also message me on my Facebook Page with any questions.

-Jen Duncan a.k.a. #NewBuildNinja

Posted on June 19, 2017 .