Dreams loading....

WOW! I realized I haven't updated here in the last few weeks. Spring Real Estate is in full swing and so many excited families are getting ready to build memories in their new homes. Our home is coming along nicely and we are getting ready to do our Frame Orientation with our Project Manager Randy before the drywall goes up. Our street is starting to look like a neighborhood and we've already met a few neighbors who have kids that are Munch's age! 

Anyway, this post is not about me. Currently I have 4 new build clients that are just about to break ground. One already started the framing for the foundation! It was a beautiful day so I decided to head out to take progress photos of everyone's dirt before building starts!

I stopped in my tracks for a second though to reflect. To some it's just desert dirt, but this dirt symbolizes the place where their kids will grow up, go to school, even take their first steps. These will be the front porches where Mom's take their kids' first Kindergarten photos before sending them off to their first day of school, they will be teaching their kids to drive and send them off to college. Kids will play, get dirty, and maybe even fight. Their holiday light game will be strong and Halloween will be a blast for years to come. I know for sure we will be having some MOMnationAZ block parties so hopefully the neighbors are cool with that! If not, I can help them sell their home so we can find some cool neighbors, HAHA!

We had an amazing victory when I drove around to take dirt photos. I just so happened to notice that the lot one of my clients wanted become available again. This was the lot they REALLY wanted so they would have the least chance of a two story home bearing down on them. We decided to ask if they would scooch them over and the builder was totally cool with it! The coveted corner lot and now they have it! I was SO excited for them and knew that making my rounds was worth it! Think about it though, if they didn't have me on their side, they probably would not have known about the lot coming available. #EpicvsBasic

The best is yet to come guys!

June 1st we are doing a new build tour to compare standard vs upgraded items. We will be visiting two builders. One builder includes higher end items standard whereas the other does not. We will compare and have a blast! Keep an eye on our MOMnationAZ Calendar of Events for times and details!

Have a great week guys! I'll be out there grinding to bring you the best and most updated New Build info!

-Jen a.k.a JD a.k.a #NewBuildNinja



Posted on May 22, 2017 .