Feeling the Burn! Phoenix AZ Real Estate Update for July 2018

May still reins champion as the month with the most homes sold in 2018 and we've been trickling down ever since.  Have no fear, Arizona, this is typical for this season.  As the temps heat up, showings die down a bit and therefore sales do too.  It's just too hot and families are wrapping up vacations and getting the kiddos settled and off to school.  Interest rates aren't the lowest we've seen but they aren't the highest either and, with prices still on the climb (steadily), you're better off buying now than waiting since we already know the prices and rates now...but don't know what they will be later. 

We've seen more buyers from CA, Canada, WA and CO than we have in recent years.  They are loving our weather, prices and the opportunity that comes with being a Phoenix area resident at this exciting time.  Call me, Katie, at 480-250-0023 to discuss how these market conditions are affecting you and your specific situation. 

Posted on August 2, 2018 .