Double, double toil and trouble...

It has finally cooled off in the Phoenix area and, as we head into Halloween and the rest of the holidays, our market is still shifting.  We continue to add more listings which adds more inventory and we are seeing a steady drop in sales (since April).   This is great news for buyers as the current conditions allow for more successful negotiation.  Buyers are in an even better position as interest rates are anything but scary at the moment.  Sellers are needing to bend a little to get the sales these days.  The reason is simple, there are more choices out there for buyers.  The sellers that are realistic with price vs condition are still selling successfully and quickly.  

Curious as to what your home could sell for in this market?  Visit:

New Listings Active Listings Sold Listings Months Inventory
Sep/2014 8,680 26,256 6,286 4.18
Aug/2014 8,389 25,924 6,474 4.00
Jul/2014 8,705 26,643 6,841 3.89
Jun/2014 8,945 27,520 7,254 3.79
May/2014 10,053 28,714 7,491 3.83
Apr/2014 10,305 29,297 7,638 3.84
Mar/2014 10,863 29,478 6,684 4.41
Feb/2014 9,908 28,897 5,494 5.26
Jan/2014 11,117 27,115 4,817 5.63

Posted on October 2, 2014 .